This is my art blog thing.... I post stuff that I have drawn... it's furry related... and some of it is NSFW...so yeah....

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So here’s something I haven’t had in a while….

( Larger version cause tumblr… )

The beginning of the end, at the town of deluded memories

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That’s a legit question that I don’t have the answer too little man…

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I feel like garbage this morning…

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Water weasels with lighting tubes…

( Dear fucking unholy hell… this took WAY too long for me to finish…my sincerest apologies for that u_u() )

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'Nother bust commission for AJFirewolf

wall art… ha… I get it

Set of bust commissions for AJFirewolf

( There are a bunch of alt. versions of these, but these are the 2 that I actually liked… )

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angry sticky is angry…

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Lost in translation

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Flippin’ da Boid

( this turned out to be more than a doodle it looks like… )

warm up doodles for today… trying to use my tablet again…

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Here’s a non-animated version… I just think the larger one looks nicer… no rough edges n’crap ( tumblr won’t let me upload one larger than the one i did… because… reasons… i dunno… )


This is Ink, he belongs to Lock-Wolf ( forgot to mention that :O )

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[ throws hands in the air ]

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